Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pc repair tips you forgot!

PC ADMIRAL blogs are about the tips that are vital to know in today's fast paced modern computer world. The tips are for any one, a refreshener for the youngest geekiest geeks to the eldest basic PC beginner. From the command line to A+ general information. I will start this show off by giving 10 tips that can help a given situation. I WILL GIVE THE TIP, REASON FOR THE TIP, AND THE COMMAND IN QUOTATIONS for example... ("TIP".) Last but not least I will give simple steps to accomplish the task.

Situation - You need to format a separate hard drive from your own, and you don't have the ability to get to the disk management option in windows. Another reason for using the terminal command line is when you want to get rid of your hard drive. You do not want any one holding a drive with all your valuable information on it, but, for some reason you cannot log on to the operating system.

Tip -
As a PC technician you must be able to format a hardrive from the command line, given the fact that Microsoft is not exactly the most stable in terms of graphic interface.

Command -
First hold the ctrl and R key on your keyboard. The run option will come up. Then type inside the box "cmd.exe" with out the quotes of course. Next type "cd \" Type Fdisk /? This will give you a list of formatting commands. For any further questions on this matter please email me via

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